Obviously the original cardboard cartons that these 8mm digests came packaged in have seen a little wear over the last thirty-some years and are seldom found in pristine condition and require “restoration” before their covers can be reprinted. We have chosen to remove various manufacturers stickers and labels, as their placement was largely arbitrary and not part of the original designs. Of course, there is no shortage of dirt, faded color, and scratches which must also be dealt with prior to reprinting.

Even if found in mint condition, the reprinting of printed material requires several adjustments before desirable new editions can be created from them.
with descreening corrections
without descreening corrections
Moire patterns
The color range of all commercially printed imagery results from a combination of 4 colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, & Black) printed in overlapping dot patterns. When reprinting a previously printed image you break the original dot pattern into a second, and the two conflicting patterns usually result in annoying zig-zag patterns across the image. The use of various filters can eliminate all or most of these patterns, but it also softens the image and dulls the color, which then requires further adjustments. Most of these boxes were originally printed on the cheap at a very low dots per inch, and we had them printed at a higher resolution that also helps to eliminate Moire Patterns.
original cropping
restored with new bleed
final trim size
The original cover of these boxes were printed “full-bleed,” which is to say that the image runs right up to the edge of the cover and is not framed by any blank or white space. To achieve this, printers require the cover image extend beyond the area where the cards are to be cut by 1/8 inch in all directions. To avoid any cropping of the original image we had to re-create an 1/8 inch extension of the image on all sides by “cloning” elements from the originals. As it turns out, our printer was very precise in cutting the cards and these “faked” extensions are cut away leaving the complete image as was originally cropped on the box covers.